Your Pets Know Best: Species Specific Food

Sourcing meals made with fresh, natural ingredients should be a priority for informed & discerning parents… but this rings true for dedicated pet owners as well. Our children can (and will) make their preferences clear, but how do we know what our pets love to eat?

Your furry friends may not speak with words, but when they’re fed species-specific food, made with simple meat & ingredients, the outcome will speak volumes.

It may seem like simple biology, but this rule of thumb can go a long way in simplifying your choices – feed your pets what they would eat in the wild, in their natural and ancestral environments. A basic kibble may do in a pinch, but real food made with real meat & simple ingredients will disappear from their bowls, and leave them happy… and grateful.

Tail Blazers pet food stores follow this simple logic to another obvious conclusion… only stock products that fulfill your pet’s time-tested, species specific palate, taking the guess-work out of your usual visit to the pet store.

Brent Hauberg

Founder, Tail Blazers