Dairy Farmers of Canada: Veal Polpette with Canadian Provolone and Ricotta

These days, Canadians can find just about anything they can dream of at their local grocer or market. Variety & choice are at an all-time high… even when it comes to the dairy aisle but it can be difficult to properly assess quality for the uninitiated.

Reading labels and understanding precisely where your dairy ingredients come from is very important, but a great shortcut to ensure high-quality, Canadian dairy is to simply follow the Blue Cow Logo. Recognizable and uniform coast-to-coast, the iconic Blue Cow Logo provides peace of mind and guarantees the product is made with 100% Canadian quality milk.

Canadian dairy farmers produce their milk under the three core commitments: food safety, animal care, and sustainability. They have world-leading high standards, and it’s evident in the countless great tasting products featuring the Blue Cow Logo on store shelves and in your fridge at home.

Our favourite chef, Jo Lusted is always happy to bring out her creativity with dairy-inspired dishes – like her signature Veal Polpette with Canadian Provolone and Ricotta. “It sounds really fancy, but I just like to think of it as fun and simple!”

On the importance of the Blue Cow Logo, Jo adds: “Sourcing products made with 100% Canadian milk ensures you’re supporting local farmers that are committed to animal welfare and adopting sustainable practices, listening to science, reducing their footprint and looking out for future generations.”


Try this delicious recipe: Veal Polpette with Canadian Provolone and Ricotta

Chloe Canadian dairy farmer