Sodexo Stand Up to Food Waste

If there’s one positive thing that recent events have inspired, it’s an increased awareness or appreciation for our food… and not taking it for granted. Food supply & food waste are a rising concern, and though maybe relatively new terms for the average Canadians, it’s been an ongoing issue for at least one major service company.

After years as an executive chef, Davide Del Brocco took his passion for problem solving & conservation straight to the top, and now occupies the position of ‘Sustainability Manager’ at Sodexo Canada. ‘I saw first-hand the sheer volume of food being wasted, and knew that working together, we could reduce it’.

But committing to reduce our carbon footprint is more than platitudes, and it begins with making definiable, measurable plans that can be implemented at the ground level.

Utilizing their unique ‘Waste Watch’ platform, Sodexo Canada can realize accurate food waste measurements, and incentivize individual responsibility towards long-term environmental goals. According to Davide, ‘Food waste is avoidable, and our commitment is to reduce all food waste by 50%’.

Davide Del Brocco 
Sustainability Manager, Sodexo Canada

Lisa Root
General Manager, Sodexo

Ralph Sevilla
Executive Chef, Sodexo

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