Modern Farming From Seed to Store

For many Canadians, access to fresh, local produce year-round has become the norm. What was once luxury, is now a reality, and having access to a rich supply of sustainable produce is a hallmark of Canadian self-sufficiency. But this did not come to be all on its own: countless farmers, scientists, and researchers have been working hard to evolve the way that Canadian crops are grown and maintained.

Today on Food Scape we have the pleasure of speaking with Phil and Katie Keddy, multi-generational farmers from the Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia who are a prime example of how tradition & technology intersect to create the landscape of modern day Canadian Agriculture. They’re sharing their own story about how technology has drastically changed their workflow, and sharing the personal challenges & solutions that make up the modern life of a Canadian farmer. It’s not all tractors and overalls; come and see the faces of contemporary Canadian Agriculture!

Katie & Phil Keddy 
Multi-Generational Farmers
Lakeville, NS

Dr. David Gray
Dean, Faculty of Agriculture,
Dalhousie University

Canadian Farmland

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