Love Child Organics Better Eating for Healthy Kids

Whether a veteran or first-time parent, there’s a lot to take in when it comes to feeding your child. There are more options widely available than ever before, and whether transitioning between milk, formula, and solid foods or simply deciding what type of product when shopping – it can be an information overload.

The first major consideration is determining the right product nutritionally; what ingredients does my child need?. Reading countless ingredient decks might make your head spin and sometimes the best solutions are in easy to identify, have straightforward labelling, & simple whole ingredients.

Additionally, you want to offer food options that appeal to your kids and are easy to deliver in a pinch. Every child is different, and trying a wide array of fresh tasting solutions is bound to pay dividends.

Love Child Organics seeks to offer an all-in-one solution to the inherent difficulties of feeding your young ones: bright, distinguishable packaging where the ingredients match the picture on the front. Broad selections of puree, cereal, and other options fill out a comprehensive approach to satisfy moms & dads (and even pickier kids!).

Love Child Organics President, Brittany Compton summarizes it as: ‘We wanted to cut through that noise, and offer simplified baby & children snacks’.

Brittany Compton 
Love Child Organics, President

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