GoodLeaf Farms Vertical Farming: Turning Over a New Leaf

You may have heard about vertical farming; an indoor method of growing produce using hydroponic systems. But more than a neat hobby, Canadian farmers are utilizing this method to revolutionize the way their greens are produced; breaking the mold of seasonal limitations… and leading the way towards our eco-friendly future.

Grown in indoor farms, free from pesticides, and using less water than conventional methods, GoodLeaf Farms operate the largest vertical farm in Canada, and are achieving their goal of meeting the demand from consumers for fresh greens that may otherwise be ‘out of season’ from outdoor Canadian producers.

Being Indoor also comes with the benefit of geographical flexibility. An indoor facility can operate extremely close or directly in urban centers, cutting down on transit cost (and carbon emissions!) when bringing newly picked greens directly to your favourite markets & grocers.

Canadians want the best tasting, freshest ingredients to share with their family, but in true Canadian fashion, with an eye towards the future; conservation & sustainability. According to Jacquie Needham of GoodLeaf Farms: “ I’m so proud to be a part of this movement… Seeing the results on the shelf and watching people enjoy the product makes me incredibly proud to be part of this journey.”

Jacquie Needham
Accounts Manager