Fontaine Family Veal Not Just for Special Occasions

Chef Jo Lusted has a gourmet touch, but a knack for translating elegant ingredients & flavours into practical dinner time thrillers… and today’s ingredient is veal!
Introducing veal into your meal rotation can bring a great deal of excitement & variety – the perfect substitution for beef,or pork for those looking to mix things up. And for those with an eye towards their budget, veal is not simply a luxury; there’s a cut for every price point.

‘I like to use Canadian products that anyone can find, and Fontaine Family veal is available without having to visit the butcher – you can pick it up with all of the other ingredients you need at your local grocery store,’ says Chef Jo.

Fontaine Family veal’s distinct purple packaging can be the gateway to a whole new world of culinary adventure. Broaden your horizons with versatile, nutritious & lean veal for your next big family meal!


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