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Menopause is a common experience shared by every women, but the severity and frequency of symptoms like hot flashes can vary greatly. However, women don’t have to accept the fatigue and inconvenience brought on by this phase of their lives – their are natural health products available at your local pharmacy or health supplement store, and solutions to fit your unique needs. Talk to an expert today and take control of your daily comfort.

[icon name='far fa-play-circle'] Echinacea – Clinically Proven to Combat Cold & Flu

You may be familiar with echinacea, but not all supplements are the same. There are natural remedies that are clinically proven to prevent and treat the cold and flu. A. Vogel’s Echinaforce products are made with freshly harvested, organic, non-GMO plants and are available in forms that can be used by the whole family – including pregnant and nursing women.

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When it comes to menopause, women have heard all about the hot flashes and night sweats, but what’s often not talked about are the common, yet treatable, vaginal symptoms that can come along with estrogen loss during menopause.