[icon name='far fa-play-circle'] Pet Dental Health

We all know how important it is to take care of our own teeth, but did you know it’s just as important for your pets?

In this next segment, we’ll hear from a veterinarian and a pet owner who are passionate about proper pet dental care.

[icon name='far fa-play-circle'] FURLANI Promises To Take Your Summer Grillin’ Up A Notch

Cherished summer memories are created around the family barbeque, and everyone’s got their secret technique or ingredient for building anticipation. Locally sourced produce, homemade potato salad… garlic toast?

Garlic Texas toast can bring a new flair to your usual burgers and hot dogs, subverting expectations with sensory satisfaction.

There’s no shortage of simple, but effective culinary feats you can achieve with a little bit of ingenuity. The savory scent of garlic toast can be the centerpiece of your next hero moment at your next backyard grilling event!

[icon name='far fa-play-circle'] Energy-Efficient Heating

Worker in front of construction building

Watch Canadian Better Living host Rick Campanelli talk with expert Clive Carr, Residential Sales Manager from Mitsubishi Electric. He will share information on Mitsubishi’s heat pump technology for efficient heating and cooling solutions in cold climates.

[icon name='far fa-play-circle'] Insuring Your Child’s Financial Future

New Parents with insurance agent

Everyone wants the best for their child or grandchild. Securing their future can be easier than you think. As new parents, Silvio and Kayla decided to explore their options. Here they share their simple and affordable approach to financial security for their son through a reliable, secure plan that will fully pay for his education in 20 year.